Our main mission is gather all tools reducing costs down for end users!

1 min readJun 3, 2021

ADD.xyz is a full-stack DeFi aggregator, plugging in multiple products and DeFi applications into one single platform, focusing on User Experience, Design, Privacy and Anonymity.

Every other DEFI projects or startups are a half-step towards truly taking control away from corruptible centralized bankers and financial institutions. We are the solution to achieve a total decoupling and true sovereign wealth for everyone with our strong focus on anonymized privacy at the protocol level.

All of our native components are decentralised and non-custodial.

As Gas Fees on the network increase, and companies are no longer to absorb the costs from their customers. ADD.xyz is the only solution within the crypto space aggregating all functionality and reducing costs down for end users.
With our focus on privacy and anonymity, you can now access on-chain and off-chain privacy solutions before and after lending, purchasing insurance and accessing derivatives.
The days of switching between multiple browsers, apps and waiting for a series of transaction’s to confirm are becoming relegated to the past.
Our focus is on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. We’re achieving this through developing a series of usable products.

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