The evolution of DeFi Lending Space
3 min readJun 14, 2021

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has captured more hearts in the crypto world over the last few years. DeFi provides an innovative, transparent, and level playground to automate financial primitives such as lending or market making without the need for intermediaries.

DeFi thrives on an underlying data aggregated by machine intelligence models built primarily to make profits. The combination of these two movements seems inevitable, with great potentials to unlock a new level of innovation in DeFi. These innovations will equip everyone with the opportunities to truly own their assets, participate in global coordination of capital, trade via decentralized exchanges, utilize lending and borrowing markets, and much more.

The Massive Evolution of DeFi

DeFi is both a technology , and a movement, championed by , teams of researchers and engineers collaborating to re-imagine financial services. The space has come a long way since the early days of smart contract innovation like raising capital through ICOs, early NFT experiments like CryptoKitties, and initial DEX implementations that first hinted of a decentralized future for finance.

The charts above show an explosive growth of both the user-base and value in the DeFi ecosystem. What we see is a perfect storm of innovation and a new ethos behind the alignment of financial incentives. Whole communities have been bootstrapped via incentivized participation in DeFi protocols. These incentives have driven users towards valuable products, which have not helped users but also grown to retain both the users and invested capital.
One of the first DeFi experiments in liquidity mining was by Synthetix in 2019, and it incentivized the bootstrapping of the sETH/ETH Uniswap pool. Furthermore, it inspired a wave of yield farming projects in 2020, most notably after Compound Finance enabled liquidity mining of COMP tokens in their borrowing and lending markets.

The convenience is well-pronounced, with all DeFi-related platforms working under one roof. And the ADD isn’t an exception.

What is ADD? is a full-stack DeFi aggregator, plugging in multiple products and DeFi applications into one single platform, with focus on User Experience, Design, Privacy, and Anonymity.

Every other DEFI project or startup is a half-step towards truly taking control away from the corruptible centralized bankers and financial institutions. Our solution is all about achieving a total decoupling of the system and providing true sovereign wealth for everyone, with a strong focus on anonymized privacy at the protocol level.

ADD has now teamed up with Compound, Aave, and DYDX, with more future partnerships in the pipeline. By expanding the network of cooperation, we are taking DeFi to a new and more advanced level, while increasing the liquidity, supply, demand, and ultimately profits. We have recently launched +Earn v3, a DeFi Lending aggregator where all above-mentioned crypto lending protocols can be accessed at one place.

The key innovation here is socially inclined. We are rewarding participants with the protocol’s governance token when they provide liquidity and use the protocol. This move will not only attract users but also increase liquidity, which is what any sound DeFi protocol should do.

So, the main task of decentralized finance is to serve as a better alternative to the banking sector and replace the traditional technologies of the current financial system with open-source protocols.