Weekly Development Update 45

Here’s Add.xyz’s weekly web, platform, design and development update.

  • NFT integrations are complete. We’re proud to join one of the few web3 applications with ERC 721 and 1155 compatibility, that means our community users will now be able to store, send and receive their NFT collections from anywhere in the world, all within the mobile app. This is currently being tested within our Beta Testing Group, however almost all issues have been resolved.
  • Meanwhile, plans are underway for Solana wallet integration.
  • ADD’s ERC-20 to BSC Chain bridge for our token is now integrated into the mobile app, so you’ll be able to easily and simply cross networks for $ADD anytime.

What is DeFi? Join as at ETHAnglia’s Meetup in Cambridge this April!

For any questions please feel free to reach out to us on:



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